juliette bohnlein

i make things that look nice

Hi. My name is Juliette Bohnlein. I’m a graphic designer from Metro Detroit. Also I’m a really nice person with a lot to offer. Thank you for reading this blurb. I appreciate your time.


I worked at Sector 7 LLC for a year and a half as their in-house graphic designer. During that time, I resdesigned their logo and created modern, sleek branding for their company. The branding I created is heavily influenced by Swiss International and De Stilj styles, with Jan Tschichold being a direct inspiration.

In addition to branding, I also created many marketing verticals, flyers, and postcards. I also designed and built numerous webpages using wordpress and visual composer. I’m not claiming to be the best with wordpress, but I do alright.

I also designed a lot of what I refer to as “General Office Bullshit”. You know, business cards, name tags, note pads, pens, and mugs. Small things that every business needs. This includes redesigning the office handbook and onboarding packet, and restructuring forms and making them digitally fillable using Acrobat. The handbook had a print, pdf, and website version that was kept on an internal site (that I also designed and built, not to brag).

Due to the large amount of projects I’ve done for Sector 7, I’m just placing a sampling here. If you have a specific type of project you’d like to see, let me know!




During my time at Sector 7, I designed and created over 100 individual webpages across four different sites. These sites included our brand, a subsidiary, a sales catalog, and an internal site for employee resources.


There are 17 sheets in this sales kit. I’ve only uploaded a few since they’re all very visually similar.