juliette bohnlein

i make things that look nice

Hi. My name is Juliette Bohnlein. I’m a graphic designer from Metro Detroit. Also I’m a really nice person with a lot to offer. Thank you for reading this blurb. I appreciate your time.

Captain Spaceman was a webcomic I created in 2011. I used children’s markers and sharpies to illustrate it. I did updates every morning, Monday through Friday. In 2013, I wrote a childrens book based on the character, his friends, and their adventures in space. It was picked up and published by a now defunct publisher that specialized in interactive children’s books.

Since the book, Captain Spaceman has been on an indefinite hiatus. Sometimes creators grow out of their projects. Sometimes creators get their hearts broken a little bit from losing full control over something that lives in their imagination.

I still hope to return to the moon someday.